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Teeth Grillz 


Step 1:  Come to our store at 4306 Florin Rd. Suite 2 in Sacramento. 


Step 2: We take a mold of your teeth - It takes about 3 minutes for top and 3 minutes for bottom to get the mold of your teeth. 


Step 3: Choose Your Style and put your 50% down payment: Most customers bring in picture of style they want, then we do our best to duplicate the style.


In about 2-3 weeks come back to pick up your new custom grill! Try them on in the store and make sure they fit just right. Pay your remaining balance and enjoy your new grill!



How long does it take to get my grill?

If your grill is just gold, it will take 2 weeks to create. If your grill includes gold with Diamonds and/or other stones and elaborate designs, then it will take 3 weeks total. 


What if my grill doesn’t fit right?

When you pickup your grill, try it on in the store. If it doesn't fit well, we will reshape it to fit properly and comfortable, and usually have it ready on the same day.


If you get home and the grill becomes loose, we will tighten it up for free, but if it's bent or damaged in any way, we may charge additional fees.


We require a minimum of 3 teeth to create a grill. Missing teeth or gap in teeth may be an extra charge. 

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